Sidepodcast: A Weekly Podcast On F1

Sidepodcast: A Weekly Podcast On F1

Formula One fan Christine – from Daily F1 Blog – has launched a weekly podcast dedicated to the sport of Formula One. Aptly named Sidepodcast, Christine has released two episodes so far and has recapped the 2006 season, describing all the great moments with informative facts, trivia, detail and humour. The podcast also discusses some of the technical aspects of Formula One, such things as the ‘tuned mass damper system’ and flexi-wings’, both of which came to the fore last season.

The episodes are very well made, of high quality, and make for superb listening. They are also an excellent alternative to regular blog-reading. The best thing about catching up with F1 via my ears is that I can listen and blog at the same time – who says men cannot multi-task!? (I’ll obviously correct all the spelling errors I made before posting this). It is also refreshing to hear a female voice discuss Formula One, something which I am pleased to say we may be hearing more of in the coming years.

It is also worth noting that I had never listened to a podcast before this, and navigating around the dedicated Sidepodcast site was easy. Christine has also included a guide to explain how one can listen to the recordings which I found to be useful. Apparently, I can even download each episode to my iPod and listen to them while I’m out jogging. Although the sofa looks far more inviting!

Check out for a weekly dose of Formula One.


  • And apparently, looking back through my own archives two years later, no one commented.

    i can’t believe we didn’t even say thank you for the plug?

    seems like a very long time ago now.

  • i can’t believe we didn’t even say thank you for the plug?

    You (or Christine) did, via email.

    seems like a very long time ago now.

    Tell me about it! I was only reminded of this because of a comment I made just now on a recent post. It seems like more than two years ago to me, but I guess time seems like it’s flying by when you’re having fun! 🙂

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