BlogF1 Welcomes The Red Bullog To The F1 Blogosphere

BlogF1 Welcomes The Red Bullog To The F1 Blogosphere

It’s not often that a website catches my eye enough for me to want to write about it, but a few weeks ago a site did just that. What also makes this strange is that the site in question is centred around one team in Formula One, something I don’t often find myself praising as I tend to find these sites rather fanatical about the squad or driver in question. Having read the blog for a few weeks now, I think it deserves a proper welcome to the F1-blogosphere. So please join me in saying hello to The Red Bullog.

In case it isn’t entirely obvious, The Red Bullog is a blog all about Red Bull Racing. The site is fairly new to the Internet, but the writer behind the site – Dan Cross (aka Dank) – has been an active contributor to the blogosphere for some time now. The Red Bullog started out life in October of last year and already the comments fill up fast with many of us blogging regulars voicing opinion on whatever Red Bull related story it is.

So what was it that attracted me to the site in the first place? Well, I first saw Dan in the comments on Sidepodcast, and after a few months a link started to appear with his name. Like many curious folk, I followed the link and found a site which was obviously young, but already full of useful information. As with all new sites I come across, I went hunting for an About Page. And quite honestly, unlike most fan sites I’ve come across, The Red Bullog had one…

The Red Bullog is a fan-based blog which aims to provide you with up-to-date news and views on the least po-faced Formula One team of recent times: Red Bull Racing.

As a fan of both the sport and the team, I hope to be able to provide you with the sort of articles I think you would like to read. From the rather serious world of F1 to the more satirical, irreverent news related stories. If it happens in Red Bull Racing land you can bet The Red Bullog will be covering it. The Red Bullog.

The site was already plentiful in information on the Red Bull team, and reading through some of the recent articles, it didn’t come across as an overly biased and fanatical type way as I was expecting. Instead, Dan writes with a little more care and attention. Red Bull Racing aren’t perhaps the easiest team to follow, and their 2008 season was pretty dreadful considering where the junior squad ended up. But instead of wrapping it up in cotton wool, Dan was respectful, but honest when he posted between the penultimate and ultimate races last year.

It’s been a tough ride for Red Bull Racing, especially in the second-half of 2008 (shortly after Webber spun at Silverstone in fact). From fourth in the constructors’ championship to a probable seventh behind sister team Toro Rosso, things haven’t gone quite according to plan. The Red Bullog.

It’s also worthy of mentioning that I read Dan’s post about Mark Webber using a cryogenic chamber to help heal his broken leg before the main sites picked up on it. While it certainly wasn’t news of the century, during the off season is where we have time to read about all the weird and wonderful things that happen in Formula One. I for one was pleased I read The Red Bullog’s article before the behemoths finally got around to putting their uninspiring drivel up.

The Red Bullog presents a new dawn for fan sites; it shows that writing born from “an unhealthy obsession” can also be centred and balanced. The Red Bullog is also nice place to visit and navigate around, with a polished feel that shows the site is cared for. The articles range from the serious to the humorous and invite the reader to add to in the comments. With thoughtful insights and on-the-pulse reporting, I can see myself becoming a regular for my Red Bull reading.

Welcome to the F1-blogosphere, Dan. I hope Red Bull Racing give you plenty of good news to write about this season.


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