Christine Sings A Song For Felipe Baby

Christine Sings A Song For Felipe Baby

There’s being a Formula One fan, and then there’s being a Formula One fan. And it would seem that Christine from Sidepodcast has taken being a fan to a whole new level. You see, Felipe Massa is yet to score a point in 2009, and his team hasn’t been doing much to improve thus far, Ferrari enduring the worse start to a season since 1981. If Felipe or Kimi don’t manage a top-eight finish tomorrow, it will be the Scuderia’s worse ever start to a championship campaign since their debut as a constructor in 1955. But fear not Ferrari fans, because Christine has a good luck message for the young Brazilian…

To the tune of Santa Baby (yes, you’ve guessed it already) the host of Sidepodcast and F1Minute has added her own lyrics, and in a seductively lavish tone, Christine has sung her heart out in a hope that the lovable 2008 runner-up might get his championship off to a start in Bahrain. I strongly urge you to take a listen, I promise you will not be disappointed. The lyrics work wonderfully, and you know you’re in for treat when the whole premise of the song works around a radio communication between Massa and his engineer Rob Smedley.

Felipe Massa - 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix

And in case you missed it, here’s that link again: Sidepodcast – A Song For Felipe.


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