Mark Webber Reprimanded For Collision With Lewis Hamilton

Mark Webber, competing in his home grand prix for Red Bull Racing, has been reprimanded by the stewards for causing a collision with Lewis Hamilton. The incident happened in the closing stages of the Australian Grand Prix where Webber and Hamilton were locked in a battle with Fernando Alonso for fourth place. Hamilton had been desperately trying to find a way through the Ferrari while Webber had Rosberg in the Mercedes closing in on him. As Hamilton and Alonso tussled, Webber plowed into the back of Hamilton, sending the pair off the track.

Both drivers recovered although Webber was forced to pit for a new nose and wing. After the race Webber apologised to Hamilton although the frustration on both their faces was clear to see; neither driver had a good race for a variety of reasons. The stewards deliberated over the incident and have decided to reprimanded Webber, although no penalty has been handed out.

Webber stated that he simply lost front grip as he approached the rear of Hamilton and tried to cut in tight to ensure a wheel-to-wheel contact which would have been less stressful on the cars and perhaps avoided the off-track excursions. However, this wasn’t possible and the front-left of the RB6 contacted the rear-left of the MP4-25, resulting in both drivers losing positions.

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