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About BlogF1

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Welcome to BlogF1

BlogF1 chronicles the Formula One championship, including detailed analysis of each race and thoughtful insights into the motor racing world, mixed with biased opinion from a British fan.

Photo of BlogF1 author, Ollie
Erm, this is Ollie.

What Is BlogF1?

Quite simply, a blog about Formula One. This site is dedicated to discussing Formula One, the pinnacle series of international motorsport. The articles vary from race reports and analysis to driver biographies and interviews with like-minded fans. The site takes on the form of a blog to encourage readers to comment on articles and share their views and opinions.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide quality articles on all aspects of Formula One, aimed at the novice fan right through to the experienced and knowledgeable dedicators.
  2. To constantly improve both the site design and the writing, as well as continuing to strive for excellence both within the online world of blogging and also within the motorsport writing field.
  3. To enjoy learning, reading and writing about Formula One, and to share this passion with as many people who are willing to listen.

There are many pages within BlogF1, and the site isn’t just about the blog. At the top is the navigation bar which will guide you around the main areas of the site. Below the header image is the second navigation bar, which contains extra pages that may be of interest. This section includes pages on the teams and their drivers, their history and even their futures on occasion. The calendar page contains the season schedule, complete with images of the circuits with a brief history alongside some facts and statistics of the tracks used in the championship. You can check the current championship standings as well to see who is where in the title races. The almanac details all the world champions past and present, while the circuit pages display images from Google Earth of tracks around the world.

Who Writes BlogF1?

BlogF1 is written solely by Oliver White, an ’80s-born Briton who loves Top Gear, House, Father Ted and coffee (although the coffee is more of a necessity). A Formula One fan who started following the sport in the mid-nineties, it wasn’t long before Ollie started discussing the sport with his friends at school. He would spend much of his lunchtime sitting on the playing field making many comparisons between the ruthless charges of Michael Schumacher, the gritty determination of Damon Hill and sheer brilliant speed of Mika Hakkinen.

Moving away to university ended these lively conversations, until one day in 2005 Ollie started a personal blog, aimed at discussing each and every subject he liked. Inevitably, Formula One crept in with some regularity and after a few months of boring everyone with his views and insights into motorsport, he decided to launch a dedicated site to chronicle his passion.

While Ollie isn’t employed in the motorsport industry, he spends every other weekend glued to the television and Internet as well as answering the never-ending slew of questions from his girlfriend. Although he’ll never admit it, Ollie actually enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone who will ask. Nothing pleases him more than seeing a question left in the comments, particularly if it is something Ollie doesn’t actually know – the task of researching an answer and learning more about Formula One brings a smile to his face every time.

If you need to contact Ollie, the Contact Form is always open 24/7. Feel free to send praise (you could end up on the sidebar or mentioned in an article), notify him of errors or just say “hi”.

Follow Ollie

Ollie and BlogF1 can be found on various web services around the Internet.

  • AerialF1 – BlogF1’s sister site, dedicated to chronicling the world’s motor racing circuits.
  • 5thLight – Currently under construction, 5thLight aims to bring readers all the news from all the paddocks.
  • Prodrivel – Ollie’s infrequently updated personal blog.
  • Twitter @olliewhite – 140-character bursts of what is on Ollie’s mind.
  • Twitter @blogf1 – 140-character bursts of what is on BlogF1’s mind.
  • Identi.ca @olliewhite – Similar to Twitter, but with a closer community of F1 site owners and commenters.
  • Identi.ca @blogf1 – Very rarely used now, but this was a dedicated account for the site.
  • Flickr – Ollie’s photos, including many taken from his visits to Goodwood Festival of Speed.
  • Del.icio.us – Ollie’s bookmarked links and interesting finds from around the web, mostly Formula One related.
  • LastFM – What Ollie listens to when he is toiling away in front of the monitor.

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