News Round-up: Pre Spain

News Round-up: Pre Spain

Ferrari Team - 2007 Bahrain Grand PrixThe long break prior to the start of the European season is about to give way to the Spanish Grand Prix this coming weekend, and while news has been slow in the world of Formula One, I thought I’d recap some of the few stories and events that have happened recently.

To start with, Ferrari have gone on strike. Although the issue is centred around the car division of the company, it is still worth noting that 80% of the workforce have walked out at Maranello. As reported on Pitpass, the dispute is over a recent pay increase which workers feel is not enough, and also complaints that some employees were fined following a disturbance during a tour for some of the worlds top journalists. Ferrari staff were also reported to be singing “We have a dream in our hearts – to see Cordero driving a tractor.” Referring to the company director Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. The Formula One operation will not be affected by the action.

Nick Heidfeld has admitted during an interview that he has urinated inside the cockpit of a Formula One car. Speaking to German publication Bild, Nick was rather open which makes a change for the veteren of 118 races. When asked if he had ever urinated during a Grand Prix, Heidfeld replied, “Yes, it has happened before. What am I supposed to do, pull into the pits and ask to have a toilet break?” Hopefully, it doesn’t happen to often.

Super Aguri are aiming for points at this weekends Spanish Grand Prix, having made some substantial improvements to the car over the month break. Speaking to the media in the build up to the race, Chief Designer Peter McCool was ambitious in his expectations of the race, even it may come at the cost of embarrassing parent team Honda.

We have introduced a new carbon gearbox and a comprehensive aero package that includes a revised floor, a new chicken, chimney, T-wing and a whole new rear wing package. I am confident that the hard work of the aero and design departments will be repaid with a good race result. Our goal this year is to score points. It would be great if we managed to achieve that this weekend. Peter McCool.

And finally it is with sadness that I have learned of the passing of Peter Kerr, affectionately known as the Professor of Mechanics. New Zealander Kerr worked with some of the greatest drivers in Formula One, such names as Ronnie Peterson, Jochen Rindt and Niki Lauda. Kerr worked with Max Mosley at the March team, and also with Shadow, Arrows and with Bernie Ecclestone. Peter was 73, and my thoughts are with his family and friends. Peter’s funeral will take place on May 15th in Milton Keynes.

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  • Super Aguri have a new chicken??!

    I’ve been watching F1 for a few years now, and I’m not sure I’ve noticed anyone else having a chicken on their cars!

    If McLaren had had one a few years ago I’m pretty sure it would’ve broken down on DC’s car at some point – no doubt Hakkinen would have had a goose on his just to be different…

  • Is this an opportune moment to comment on the official Honda team running about like headless chickens in search of improved laptimes?

    They were obviously in the wrong section of the animal kingdom with those “elephant ears” winglets they tested last week!

  • Honda puzzle me a bit to be honest.

    Every yeat they start off promising the world (championship) and every year they fail to deliver – and even when they do have a decent run, they never seem sure exactly why!

    Jenson Button always seem to lay the blame elsewhere, ie “the car” – but can it really always been other people’s fault or is he simply not as good as he and others think he is?

    The Honda tends to come good towards the end of the season, as they have plenty of cash to throw at things – not sure Aguri will have quite as much to use to keep up with a strenuous development cycle so I fear they will start to lag behind after a few races.

    They have had a pretty remarkable start to the season though an should be highly commended for that, and I wish them well for the rest of the season.

    As for the chicken explanation, that is such a let down – I was hoping for a camera shot of the mechanics taking off the engine cover in Barcelona to reveal a coup full of chickens underneath. Perhaps their extra speed has been due to chickens running like hamsters on a wheel…

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