Spyker To Open Sports Bar In Collaboration With Heineken

Spyker To Open Sports Bar In Collaboration With Heineken

Adrian Sutil - 2007 Australian Grand PrixThe Spyker Formula One team have announced a new partnership with Heineken lager, which will see the two brands open an F1 themed sports bar in the Netherlands. Further details are due to come out in early July, but for now spokes-people have outlined the concept as including a ‘Enjoy Heineken Responsibly’ campaign, which will promote the safe and moderate drinking levels of alcohol. Heineken will also become the official beer supplier of trackside events organised by Spyker during this years season.

Developing and realising innovative bar concepts is a main priority for our company and this Formula One sports bar fits with our ambitions of being the most innovative brewer. Furthermore, the co-operation with Spyker gives us access to the Formula One experience with millions of international fans. Herwin Van Den Berg – Marketing Director, Heineken Netherlands.

Having Heineken, one of the most international breweries of the world, as a partner for this concept and as a hospitality instrument proves that the marketing strategy of the Spyker team is working as planned. I’m very proud to join forces with such a well known brand; a brand that, as with our team, has its roots in the Netherlands. Michel Mol.

The Spyker/Heineken Formula One sports bar is to be the first of its kind in the Netherlands.

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  • Great for Spyker! As the least-well-funded team in F1, anything that helps them fuel their development is a good thing for them. Particularly since being on the back row of the grid loses its novelty after a while. I hope the sports bar concept works in the Netherlands as well – and could they please put a Spyker F1-themed bar in Sheffield while they’re at it?

    The deal cause a problem with the “Drinking Responsibly” slogan – especially when reputable sites like Pitpass.com illustrate the sponsorship news with the wreckage of a crashed Spyker…

  • Yeah, I noticed that on Pitpass as well. But the site is known for its tongue-in-cheek view of F1. However, the F1 themed bar cannot look good in the eyes of drink driving campaigners*. Hopefully (but I’m not holding my breath), the Heineken Responsible Drinking promotion will help rather than hinder. We shall see…

    *Actually, nor does champagne on the podium, surely!?

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