Red Bull Get A Facelift

Red Bull Get A Facelift

Mark Webber - 2007 Spanish Grand PrixRed Bull Racing have jumped on the bandwagon that Honda started with their “innovative” livery back in February. At the time, Honda said they would be doing away with corporate logos all over the RA107, and instead invite fans to sign up and pledge to do something to help reduce their carbon footprint. In return, their name would be emblazened on the car for the remainder of the year. And today, Red Bull have announced a similar scheme that will hopefully raise a lot of money for Wings for Life – a charity which supports those affected by spinal cord injuries.

The idea centres around the British Grand Prix weekend, where the RBRs will not run in their now traditional dark blue scheme, but instead, the two cars will be covered in portraits of those who donate £10 via the Red Bull F1 website. Starting at midday tomorrow (Friday 25th May), fans can log on, upload an image and donate their money. You can even choose which car you want to be on, David’s or Mark’s. Apparently there is enough space for 50,000 faces, which will hopefully raise £500,000 for the charity.

Winning the British Grand Prix is something I’ll never forget so I always look forward to going back to Silverstone. Of course, it’s where I get the most support from my fans so this year, having them literally on the car with me is a nice way for me to pay them back for their support over the years. I’ve always been impressed with Wings for Life and its work in trying to find a cure for spinal injuries so it’s great to be able to do something to help. David Coulthard.

They say your biggest rival is your team mate, so now David and I have got an extra battle between us to see who can get the most faces on our cars. I promise that whoever signs up will guarantee their photo a very exciting ride round Silverstone. Mark Webber.

Through the support of passionate F1 fans, we are aiming to raise over $1million for Wings for Life which will really make a difference to the charity’s goal of curing spinal cord injuries. On the website, fans can also leave messages, invite friends to join them or perhaps dedicate a space, so we are trying to create a community literally on the body of our car. Christian Horner.

I believe this to be a very worthwhile cause, and BlogF1 will be donating, providing the website doesn’t stutter and stall tomorrow.

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  • Do you think Red Bull Gmbh really gives a darn-didly-arn about carbon emissions? Look at any can of Red Bull all around the world. Any can sold anywhere by Red Bull Gmbh is made in Austria. So they ship them all to North, Central, and South America. They ship them to New Zealand and Australia. They ship them all over Europe. In SE Asia it’s difficult to find a Red Bull that is not made by the original company which Red Bull Gmbh bought the formula from.

    Aside from the original Red Bull, not Red Bull Gmbh which makes the slender silver and blue cans, there is NO regional production of Red Bull which means that they have to ship the product everywhere. This may be to create jobs in Austria but at what cost to the environment?


  • And today, Red Bull have announced a similar scheme [to Honda] that will hopefully raise a lot of money for Wings for Life – a charity which supports those affected by spinal cord injuries.

    I don’t get the link between Red Bull and carbon emissions from the post. The similarity between what Red Bull did and what Honda did (and still do) was that they radically changed their livery in order to make a cause heard. Both causes are separate and unrelated to each other.

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