Coulthard Complains, again!


  • That’s a fair point, actually. David Coulthard is the chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA – WIKI page here), so I guess he does have some right to complain! Although you would have thought that all the complaining would have been done behind closed doors before the season begun.

  • trulli and michael are also top bods in the gpda and they have a little less to say than david. maybe dc is designated spokesman though.

  • Maybe. It just seems that David tends to complain more than the other drivers, particularly at the season start. It could be a carefully orchestrated front put up by the GPDA in order to get credibility and their voice heard.

    One side of me says:

    If the drivers felt their voices weren’t being heard, then they are not shouting loud enough. And they should shout, because it is their lives on the line, particularly with regards to safety issues.

    And the other side of me says:

    If they [the drivers] think the sport is too dangerous, or not enough is being done to improve safety, then they should take their already earned dollars and brand recognition and apply it elsewhere. As in, get another job.

    I guess I lean towards the first side, because it helps everyone and is a less selfish approach. But being a pragmatist, their is a small part that says, “Quit whining and get on with it, or quit altogether!”

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