Suzuka vs. Fuji

Suzuka vs. Fuji

It has been reported that the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix will be held at the Toyota-owned Fuji circuit, and not the now usual Honda-owned Suzuka track.

Suzuka has been home to the Japanese race since 1987, and is regarded by many fans as one of the best circuits in the world. In last years FIA-sponsored survey, Suzuka was only beaten to the top spot by Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. The circuit boasts some superb corners, such as the Degner corner, 130R, Spoon and the Esses. The circuit has provided some awesome races over the years, not least of which was its last race in 2005. The image of Alonso passing Schumacher Snr around the outside of 130R will be etched on my mind forever.

Fuji has been used before as the circuit of choice for the Japanese Grand Prix at the countries innaugral race in 1976, and again the following year in ’77. The circuit is quite short and twisty, and in my opinion does not have the same calibre of corners as the Honda-owned Suzuka. But since being bought by Toyota, a reputed $168 million have been ploughed into updating the tracks facilities.

Bernie Ecclestone has apparently suggested that Japan could host two Grands Prix in 2007 in order to ensure that both tracks are used. Although personally, I firmly believe that Suzuka should host the race as it has a far superior track. As a fan, I don’t care if important delegates or team sponsors have to stand to watch the race rather than be seated in luxurious air-conned rooms. I care about the track, and the exciting racing it can produce.

That’s my view, but what do you think? Should Fuji be awarded the Grand Prix, should Japan be allowed to host two races?


  • was suzuka really only second to spa in the survey? i thought it was lower than that. it does make a mockery of the survey though. they ask for an opinion and then go in completely the opposite direction.

  • From comparing layouts of the two and experience of them from computer games (the new Fuji is on Gran Turismo 4) Suzuka looks by far the more challenging and imaginative track.

    It has, it has often been said, ‘every type of corner on one track’. A hairpinm chicane, fast esses, uphill and downhill corner, favourable and unfavourable cambers – it’s even got a crossover.

    What does Fuji have? A big straight and a lot of tight corners. It looks completely undramatic – F1 cars would look slow on the Fuji layout, especially on television.

    The Japanese Grand Prix really should stay at Suzuka. It reflects very poorly on Toyota that they aparently want to move the race to such a dismal venue.

  • Maybe Suzuka was lower on the survey, I didn’t check that fact (naughty me 🙁 ) but your point was well put K, it does make a mockery of the FIA and their survey.

    Ankit, I agree. It does seem to shout, “Who has more money gets the race.” Maybe Toyota should throw some more dollars at their car instead!?

  • Well, they have been throwing “quiet some more” dollars at their car and the result was for all to see last weekend.

    Suzuka is undoubtly one of the best circuits to race, since I have not seen Fuji in action I really can’t comment on that. But going from what you all are saying, it indeed looks like the financial issue.

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