Montreal: Plus24

Montreal: Plus24

FIA LogoJust 24 hours after the finish of the Canadian Grand Prix, and as the circus heads south to Indianapolis, news needs reporting and gossip needs starting!

The shock rumour coming from the Honda camp just prior to the F1 race in Montreal about Geoff Willis departing the team did not relent over the weekend. The team did it’s best to neither deny nor confirm this story, but it is likely that after Honda’s shake-up and the promotion of Shuhei Nakamoto to a position above Willis’, he has decided to leave. Although Nick Fry has said that Willis may make a return, the general media feeling is that Geoff will sit out the rest of the season while he considers is 2007 options.

Geoff is currently on so-called gardening leave, which means he is a contracted employee of the team.

During that time he is having a think about what he would like to do in the future and we are out here racing, so we will be getting back together with Geoff on our return to decide what will happen then.

Fry reporting to

Hmm, Red Bull are flush with cash at the moment…

The Flexi-Wing scandal continues with BMWs now being declared legal by the FIA. As other teams threatened a post-race protest, Charlie Whiting reviewed the photographic evidence obtained by the teams and inspected the wing. BMW ave implemented slot-gap separators to the wing, and the FIA are happy for it to race, confirming it is within the rules.

And lastly, but by no means leat, the FIA have once again put together a questionnaire for all Formula One fans. Click here to be taken to the website and make your voice heard. I cannot guarantee the FIA will listen, but at least it is a step in the right direction…

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