Bahrain 2010: Alonso Follows Suit & Also Gets A New Engine

Bahrain 2010: Alonso Follows Suit & Also Gets A New Engine

Earlier it was reported that Ferrari pilot Felipe Massa was getting a new engine in the back of his F10, the team choosing to take a precautionary measure after the power unit started to show worrying characteristics. The squad noticed these abnormal parameters after qualifying and made the decision to change the engine overnight, starting work on the car at 10am this morning. Now it seems team mate Fernando Alonso is to also receive a fresh engine for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Ferrari noted similar concerns with Alonso’s engine and have elected to change the Spaniard’s as well, meaning the squad has gone through two power units before the first race has even begun.

We will change the engine on Alonso’s car for the same precautionary measure which determined the previous decision. @InsideFerrari.

Although the team will not be docked any grid slots, they will have to understand and resolve the problem quickly. Formula One teams are limited to just 8 engines per driver per season, and to lose two before the first race is not a good sign. It is possible the engines may be used later in the year for the free practice sessions, assuming the problem is not terminal.

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