Bahrain 2010: Renault Are To Blame For Vettel’s Pace Issues

Bahrain 2010: Renault Are To Blame For Vettel’s Pace Issues

On the thirty-fourth lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel screamed down the radio explaining to his Red Bull Racing team that he had experienced a sudden loss of power. The RB6 slowed and from a dominating position at the head of the field, Vettel soon found himself falling into the clutches of Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton. Vettel eventually finished in P4. Initially, it was suspected the intricate exhaust system had failed. Alas not…

Red Bull Racing have revealed that Vettel’s problems did in fact not stem from designer Adrian Newey’s work, but instead from engine supplier Renault. According to the team, the V8 engine suffered an electrical malfunction and this caused the loss of power and subsequent loss of victory. The team were quick to also point out that there has been no damage to the engine and so presumably, it will be okay to be used again later in the season.

Last year Red Bull Racing lost out on some critical points due to the unreliability of the Renault engine, and towards the end of the season the drivers found themselves on the edge of having to take a new engine and face the subsequent grid penalty. Thankfully the team avoided this and managed to get through to the end of the year with their allotted eight units. But it would appear as though Renault haven’t quite got their reliability problems completely sorted just yet. With another potentially race-winning car under them, Dietrich Mateschitz must be wondering why he hadn’t pushed harder for the Mercedes V8 when he had even the slimmest of chances. Maybe it’s time for the RBR/STR squads to perform another switcheroo when nobody’s looking.

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  • I nearly cried when this happened. It stung even more when I read here that it was the engine – especially as after llast season I thought that they should try and get the Mercedes engine.

    Of course my completely evil cousin laughed at me when Lewis (Cough*Cheat*Cough) Hamilton passed Seb because she’s silly enough to support him (And too prove that I’m not exaggerating that’s she’s evil, once we were at nonna’s house and because my brother doesn’t let me sit on his bed (My family living arrangemnt is complicated) I sat on the floor and eventually was lying on the floor because I was tired. The cousin, needed to go across where I was and instead of stepping over, which was possible, she stood, not just on me, but on my chest! And then when I told my nonno (RIP) and nonna they said they would tell her off. Did they? Did they heck!)

    Sorry, went off topic. I sent a fan e-mail on Monday night to Sebastian.

    I’m now upset because my dad’s making me watch the F1 again (He was at a car show today) and he keeps asking me about my ‘where my loyalties lie’ (Huh, dads).

    And finally, I’m that upset that I’ve turned to listening to Alexander Rybak, (It gets worse) and If I were a Rich man from Fiddler on the Roof (Whats wrong with me?! See, Renault! This is what you’ve done to me for building a (Word I won’t up) engine

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