Alex Wurz Remains With Brawn As Tester

Alex Wurz Remains With Brawn As Tester

Going into this weekend Brawn were yet to announce a reserve driver for their team. Happily though, they have decided to stay with their experienced test driver Alex Wurz. Alex has worked with McLaren and Honda in a development role and previous to this he raced for Benetton and Williams, scoring the occasional podium. Alex is the reserve driver at Brawn and attended the drivers briefing with Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello.

I’m with Brawn GP on the same contract as last year, same position, same role. So not much has changed there.

We are still in discussion as to exactly how we fine tune the work. Usually, as last year, at the race I am involved in the meetings. I talk to the engineers and drivers so there is another brain in the system. Alex Wurz.

Although in-season testing has now been banned, Alex is can still contribute to the development of the BGP 001, such is the Austrian’s knowledge of how a Formula One car is put together.

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