Which Colours Would You Like To See Alonso Wearing In 2008?

Which Colours Would You Like To See Alonso Wearing In 2008?

Fernando Alonso - 2006 Istanbul Grand PrixThe Formula One driver market has been blown wide open since McLaren and Fernando Alonso decided to part company. And as you can imagine, it seems as though every person has an opinion as to what they think might happen. Some believe he is returning to Renault, others think that the double champion is off to pastures new. But while plenty of people can speculate as to what may happen, I thought I would ask what you would like to happen. What car would you like to see Fernando Alonso driving next season?

It seems as though most teams have suddenly became available in recent weeks, so the possibilities are seemingly limitless. Only Ferrari appear to have completely closed their doors, but if you would like to see Alonso in a red suit, say so and why in the comments below. Or if you think Fernando was silly to leave Renault in the first place and can’t wait for him to team up with Flavio Briatore again, share your thoughts. I’m interested in where you would like to see Alonso in 2008, so get thinking and typing.


  • Renault – Because I have bet on it!

    But seriously, I have retained some affection for the Red Bull team from their Jaguar days, they seem fun and offer something a bit different to the others. Bringing in a driver of the calibre of Alonso might be the catalyst they need to take them to the next level (0.6 second jokes aside) and that would shake up the field a bit. Which is always a good thing.

  • To a team where he will again face a real challenge. Renault is my least favorite choice because although he would face a challenge with making the car a championship winner again, he probably would have a clear #1 status no matter who his teammate is.

    Red Bull I would like ;).

  • None.

    He’s too selfish to drive in F1. You have to be part of a team like Lewis.

    If you can’t stand equal competition then don’t bother.

  • I’d like to see him back at Renault – but preferably in the old blue and yellow colours rather than the hideous orange and white of 2007!

  • well like I said in the previous post, Alonso ill go either go back to Renault or to Red-Bull, I don’t know why but Red-Bull seems the perfect team for Alonso (In my eyes,that it).

    oh PS. Ollie, it’s nice to be here πŸ˜‰

  • Alianora: If all the other possibilities continue to encounter problems in hiring Fernando, he may be left with only the Force India option. πŸ˜‰

    Ollie: I’m sure Eddie would love to make a comeback but it was not the Irish flag I was referring to. I predicted a long time ago that the Force India cars would be green, orange and white, and Mallya has confirmed this recently. India has the same colours in its flag as does Ireland but there’s a prayer wheel in the middle. πŸ˜€

  • I knew which flag you were referring to, Clive, I was just jesting. πŸ˜€ I’ve actually been saying for a little while that Spyker could end up landing themselves Alonso. Mallya would surely front the cash if other teams chose not hire the Spaniard. It is a crazy idea, but as Murray Walker used to say, F1 spelled backwards is ‘if’.

    And I’m not so sure I would bet against Force India staying behind STR in 2008. Unless Ralf ends up driving for the team!

  • I don’t think it is a prayer wheel. It’s a Chakra symbol. Sorry,not sure which one.

    I sort of wondered about Force India too though. It would be a real challenge,and an absolute curve ball wouldn’t it? And short of going to WRC for a year just for kicks, and I think it might suit him for a season. I wondered if he might just try it.

    I have a feeling it will be Red Bull though. Predictable.

  • The question was which colours would I like to see him in next year. And I answered truthfully: it would be really great to see Alonso in a Spyker. Sort of rough justice, you could say.

    Of course, it won’t happen – as Verasaki says, it’ll be Red Bull he goes to.

  • Clive, I do not deny that it is possible for Alonso to be at Force India if his other options don’t work out (though given that Renault have gathered a large Alonso fund together, at least one option probably will). What I’m saying is that if Fernando went to Force India, he’d find being a back marker, with a team-mate (Sutil) who won’t automatically become a No. 2 simply because Fernando had arrived, rather awkward. He wouldn’t be at his best there.

    verasaki, the circle in the middle of the Indian flag is an Ashoka Chakra, representing law and the path of enlightenment to the Hindus and Buddhists respectively.

    To be honest, I’m not terribly bothered about what colours Alonso wears next year, as long as he is happy. I’ve seen enough unhappy Alonso this year to last a decade…

  • Team ‘Prams-R-Us’, with sponsorships by the Samaritans & pampers. But joking aside, this Red Bull idea with Brawn might liven things up a bit – if he can implement a suited guileful persona…..um…such as a grown up F1 driver!

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