Phillip Island Proposal For F1 Race

Phillip Island Proposal For F1 Race

Phillip Island CircuitSpeculation is rife at the moment regarding the Australian Grand Prix. It was recently announced that the circuit has made great losses with the Formula One event, and organiser chairman Ron Walker has apparently held discussions to see if a more suitable venue would be better. The Albert Park circuit has always drawn a large crowd, although this mainly be because Australia has hosted the first round of the championship in recent years. However, with these losses, Walker has proposed the event be moved to Flemington Racecourse. And while all this was grabbing the headlines, Phillip Island circuit boss has chimed in with his own suggestion.

Linfox Property Group, the company that owns the Phillip Island circuit has suggested that they take over the helm of the Australian Grand Prix when the current contract comes up for renewal in 2011. Phillip Island is a good circuit, and the track currently enjoys two-wheel events like MotoGP and World Superbike. However, it isn’t currently up to Formula One standards and would need some substantial modifications if owner Andrew Fox (managing director of Linfox) gets his way.

We’d have a lot of work that would be required to make it an F1 standard, but I can guarantee we’d do it. It is one of the best racetracks in Australia. The phone is on and the door is always open.

Andrew Fox, Linfox Property Group.

Fox has said that he would require a ten year contract to justify the modifications, and the area is already under development, with a hotel being built and some 500 residential properties going up near the golf course.

Would you like to see the Grand Prix moved, or are you happy with the current circuit and location? Should Formula One return to the Parkway Street circuit in Adelaide, or should a brand new track be built to cater for the modern F1 race?


  • I think Phillip Island would be an excellent choice, as it’s a nice fast-flowing circuit. Hopefully they don’t alter they layout too much.

  • *the*

    But, I should have added that I do hope Albert Park can continue to host the race, as I’ve always thought it’s one of the better circuits F1 visits.

  • Worst. Idea. Ever.

    Not because PI is not a sensational circuit, it is the best racing circuit in the world IMHO.

    Changes to the circuit to make it suitable for F1, however, stand every chance to ruin the circuit as it is. Just look at how depressing the MotoGP races are at the purpose-built F1 circuits (such as the now-gone Chinese round), especially when compared to the same class at PI.

    It’s bad enough they put the stupid go-kart track in the middle of the campground – let alone F1 spec’ing the actual track.

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