No LEW1S For Lewis

No LEW1S For Lewis

Earlier this week it had been reported on a variety of websites that Lewis Hamilton had purchased himself a very special number plate for his car. The rumoured sequence of letters and numbers had been LEW 1S, obviously spelling out his forename in number-plate language. Many top websites had reported the story – news has been a bit thin this week – including, according to Pitpass, ITV-F1. However, Hamilton has dismissed the story, claiming he had not heard of anything of this story until he was asked about it in the Magny Cours paddock this afternoon.

I’m not stupid enough to spend a couple of hundred grand on a bloody number plate. I wouldn’t spend a hundred pounds on a number plate. A number plate’s a number plate. It doesn’t mean nothing to me. I just heard about it today. It was the first I’d heard about it. Lewis Hamilton.

The plate is said to have cost the McLaren driver €250,000, or according to Paddock Talk, $400,000 (roughly the same amount). Pitpass have, as Pitpass do best, taken the lighter side of the story and had a subtle dig at ITV-F1 at the same time. This story comes as interest in the British pilot rises once again, Hamilton having had a poor Canadian Grand Prix result and will face a grid-slot penalty as a result in France.

However, as James Allen from ITV likes to compare his boy to the great Ayrton Senna so much, I’m sure starting from eleventh won’t be too much of a hassle for the chap!


  • I’m not really surprised that this story turned out to be false, but was a little shocked by how strongly Hamilton denied it – wouldn’t a simple “I didn’t actually buy it, the newspapers appear to have just made this up” have been sufficient?

    My money is on him being a bit touchy as someone beat him to the S3NNA plate…

  • Oliver, Lewis didn’t had a poor result in Canada he had NO result at all.

    When I hear the sort of things James Allen says during a GP I am petrified surely his aim is only to entertain the masses not to advise the F1 fans, compare Lewis with Senna might happen one day but isn’t it a bit too early?

    It seems to me that the Brits, like the French, have this very bad habit to praise their heroes a bit too early in their careers and then bin them when something goes wrong… Our two nations might not be as different as some people think 😉

    Lewis needs to to be cheered and protected until he matures… then we will see what he is really worth… Probably a lot!

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