Gemma Garrett: The Face Of The 2008 British Grand Prix

Gemma Garrett: The Face Of The 2008 British Grand Prix

This isn’t exactly news, but for some reason that is currently beyond me, each year Silverstone announce a female face for the British Grand Prix. This face is usually attached to a body that generally fits in with the model stereotype. Last year TV star and model Gemma Atkinson took on the role and considered a variety of poses on a Spyker F1 car. For 2008, it is someone called Gemma Garrett who was recently photographed draped over a Force India.

Gemma Garrett - Female Face Of The 2008 British Grand Prix
Gemma Garrett - Female Face Of The 2008 British Grand Prix
Gemma Garrett - Female Face Of The 2008 British Grand Prix
Gemma Garrett - Female Face Of The 2008 British Grand Prix Gemma Garrett - Female Face Of The 2008 British Grand Prix

I’m very honoured to have been named the Female Face of the British Grand Prix. So much has been happening since I was crowned Miss Great Britain and this is very exciting. I will be attending the British Grand Prix on 6 July. I’m really looking forward to cheering on the three British drivers. I’ve never been to the Grand Prix before so it should be an amazing experience. I can’t wait Gemma Garrett.


  • I just had a thought whilst driving: Who gets to decide who the female face will be? The boring answer would be the marketing people who promote the race. The interesting answer is Jackie and Damon going through a catalogue portfolio saying things like “ooh, she’s nice, we’ll ‘ave ‘er” or “what a lovely pair of, erm, earrings she has. She’ll do”.

    i preferred last years model.

    I prefer this one. She looks less fake. I mean, who thought the face of Brit GP should have a tan like Atkinson had? That’s just not British!

    Why is it always Spyker/Force India that get the girl?

    One year on from your original question on Sidepodcast and I still don’t know.

  • Why is it always Spyker/Force India that get the girl? {Christine – 2 comments ago}

    I’m guessing it’s because the factory’s next door to the track and they’re not known for refusing extra publicity…

  • Ollie you wazzock! If i’m interpreting Sidepodcast’s comment correctly, ‘i preferred last years model’ is a play on car design and aesthetic modification, not an opinion on the model herself. The correct terminology to describe this type of humour eludes me – but i’m entitled to relax as i’ve just completed my ninth and final exam.

    (I sincerely apologise for calling you a wazzock if i am incorrect)

  • Ollie you wazzock!

    @Jamie: I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been called a wazzock before! But if Sidey was talking about the cars, then fair enough. 😉 Well done for finishing your exams.

  • Ahah! Much appreciation. Apologies if my comment sounded a little harsh – i was laughing as i wrote it, so there are no negative implications. I feel it is necessary that i enforce my intended lightheartedness.

  • I still prefer this year’s car because it goes quicker than the last one…

    As much as I said I didn’t like the fake tan of 2007, I liked the orange livery of the Spyker better than Force India’s mix of red, white and gold.

  • I cannot imagine a more disastrous move by the Silverstone people to appoint this ageing bimbo. She is the most embarrassing and least intelligent bimbo to ever “grace” the title of Miss GB. Everything about her is fake from her ridiculous cleavage to her dyed hair. Formula 1 and motorsport in general surely should try to leave behind its dated 1970’s image of sexism and “birds”. Instead they are appealing to the mindset of pre-pubescent boys and insulting the intelligence of male Formula 1 fans with an IQ in excess of 50. Not to mention alienating all female fans. Following the Max Mosley fiasco this is the last straw, credibility has gone. Incidentally, Miss Garrett’s boyfriend has just been charged with burglary at Southampton FC. What a model for British Formula 1!

  • I’m a bike man myself and straight, but geez this is scraping the barrel somewhat. I reckon Max Mosley in a pair of speedos would look less bad.

  • i have met this girl she is not a bimbo. she is not dating bradley phillips and never did. and she give the fee for this job to a local cancer hospice in Northern Ireland.

  • The latest poster is right, her boyfriend is Shaun Wright-Philips, not his brother Bradley Phillips.

  • OK I have been utterly corrected by the chivalrous gent, “maccers7r”! My dear chap I did not say that she was “dating” the gentleman that you name. Apparently your are more familiar with the woman that I am, and I am warmed to hear that she has donated her entire fee to the hospice in Ireland. I am willing to match that donation, if you are willing to give me the name of the charity involved.

  • it was in a paper you can just google it. I dont know excaltly which one it was but it had a connection with her aunt. Im not “familiar” with her I just happened to meet her once. she also donated money to a hospice called st lukes in cheshire where she took time out to visit and raise money for them. im not a fan I just think you dont see too many “glamour” girls being so generous Derek!

  • i think gemma is lovely, i habe had the pleasure to meet her! so previous blogger derek she is not a bimbo!! i hope that she has a lot of success!! sm xxx

  • Actually I’ve also met this woman(at the OK magazine bash) and she most certainly IS a bimbo. I’m only being honest, and she is the pushiest and most superficial publicity mad gold-digger i’ve ever met. Sandie Devanney.

  • Go Gemma. You deserve it. Your smart, beautiful, kind and the MOST down to earth girl I have ever met. Like most of us in Northern Ireland I AM rooting for you. Hope to see you out partying in belfast again soon!!

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