McLaren Invite FIA To Inspect Rear Wing

McLaren Invite FIA To Inspect Rear Wing

Following reports in the media that some teams are unhappy about the design of McLaren’s rear wing, the Woking-based squad have invited the sport’s governing body, the FIA, to inspect the component ahead of the season’s opening in Bahrain this coming weekend. Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner had explained to the press last week that he had concerns over the layout of the airbox, engine cover and rear wing, saying that the wing could ‘stall’ under high-speeds, giving the MP4-25 a straight-line speed advantage.

Despite this protest though, McLaren are confident the rear wing adheres to the rules and even consulted with the FIA during the initial stages of the design. To perhaps ensure there isn’t another ‘double-diffuser’ saga and to clarify the component’s legality, McLaren have invited the FIA to check the wing. Charlie Whiting was meant to visit the team late last week but delays in his travel schedule now mean the inspection will take place in Bahrain later this week.

The wing is different and innovative. But we have been in contact with Charlie over a period of several months to check that it complies with regulations. We have been assured that it does. Martin Whitmarsh.

We have no concerns with it, but we have been invited by the team to view the car so Charlie is going down to have a look. FIA Spokesperson.

Neither McLaren nor the FIA seem overly concerned about the matter, which will likely mean the part being declared legal and Red Bull Racing once again having to re-design parts of their car in order to keep up, just as they did in 2009 when Brawn’s ‘double-diffuser’ was deemed acceptable after much protest.


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