Renault Rule Out F-Duct System For R30

Renault Rule Out F-Duct System For R30

Despite Sauber already in the process of developing an F-Duct similar to that of McLaren, Renault have ruled out designing such a component through fears it would distract them from their aggressive development programme for 2010. The system, that has courted controversy but ultimately declared legal by the FIA, was originally developed by McLaren and utilises the driver in covering a vent in the car to redirect airflow through the chassis and out over the rear wing. Although McLaren and Sauber believe it to be beneficial, causing the rear wing to stall at high speeds, Renault feel the benefit realised from the part is not enough to divert resources to.

We don’t want to be disturbed by copying something that we don’t think is so dramatically faster. We will keep our strategy and keep our head down. Eric Boullier.

Renault have experienced a mixed bag of results thus far in 2010, with qualifying going reasonably well (Kubica has qualified P9 for both races so far) and the Polish driver topped the first practice session yesterday. However, it is clear Renault still have a way to go if they are to challenge for regular points and podiums.

Every race we will have the same amount of new development parts, which is quite huge compared to normal. Eric Boullier.

Despite their development programme seeming quite aggressive, an F-Duct is apparently off Renault’s menu. It will be interesting to see if any of the teams close to the R30’s pace develop a duct and manage to get ahead of the Enstone-based team. Already Sauber have trialled an F-Duct, which leaves Force India, Williams and Scuderia Toro Rosso to see if such a part could help them gain an advantage over the yellow cars.

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