Has Liuzzi Lost His Marbles?

Has Liuzzi Lost His Marbles?

Vitantonio Liuzzi at the Italian Grand Prix - 2006Vitantonio Liuzzi is very hyped at the moment regarding the 2007 Formula One season. He seems to be under the impression that his Scuderia Toro Rosso team is going to be making a substantial improvement over the winter and next year, but there are obstacles that the Red Bull owned squad need to conquer before they can turn a wheel in anger. Namely, the construction issues they currently face.

While most teams were recently in Spain at Circuit de Catalunta running interim cars through their paces, or at minimum getting some mileage in before the Christmas break. Williams were present and ran a current chassis with the new (to them) Toyota engine bolted on to the back. Super Aguri ran an updated chassis, more than likely borrowed from the Honda design desk. And even Toro Rosso ran in some miles, but they were still running the Cosworth V10 from last year, which was even illegal during 2006, let alone now!

Apparently, Toro Rosso won’t be able to mount their new Ferrari engine before the new year, and Liuzzi went on record to say that he hopes the new car to be ready for testing by late January. But this news hasn’t fazed the young Italian, and is looking forward to the team and it’s Italian roots getting busy next year. (Toro Rosso was once Minardi, and apparently this makes it a smoking espresso-loving smoothy).

It is not possible at the moment to confirm a precise date, but we expect the new car and the new engine to be ready at the end of January.

The expectations are high. The name Ferrari is a guarantee of success and it would be a huge satisfaction to see an Italian team, with an Italian car powered by an Italian engine, making a big step forward together. Vitantonio Liuzzi

“The name Ferrari is a guarantee of success…”. That is some quote! A bold statement, considering Renault took the constructors this year and last, and a Renault driver has taken the championship for the same two years. Somehow, I think Liuzzi’s hype will fade fast when he realises the Ferrari engine – though it is good – will not make his car the all-conquering beast he thinks it could be.

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