Honda To Launch Unbranded Car

Honda To Launch Unbranded Car

Rubens Barrichello Tests His Honda - 2006Honda have announced that they will unveil their 2007 challenger – the Honda RA107 – to the world’s media on January 25th. The launch will happen at Circuit de Catalunya in Spain, one day after the team run the car on the circuit for the first time at the planned testing session. However, while most of the Formula One world is waiting to see the much hyped livery of the car, the team have been honest and said that the car will be launched in its testing guise – black. The livery will be shown in February, the Japanese team have promised.

What does this mean? Well it does sort of confirm that Honda are indeed working on something special for their 2007 livery. Many people believe that the departure of BAT from the team signifies a new era for Honda, although I don’t see the big issue. It just means that Honda may have to chip in a bit more money to make up for BATs loss, and that the team can now a little more flexible with their branding. I guess we will all have to wait a little longer now to see what the designers have been working on. All I can say is that I hope the hype doesn’t come nothing!

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  • Personally, I was hoping they would keep their old livery. Although people may associate it with BAT’s sponsorship today, it was also a perfect livery to match with Honda’s classic colours. Remember Honda’s brilliant ‘Impossible Dream’ advert from earlier this year? Imagine if the F1 car was green! It would have ruined the whole advert!

    Still, it would be good to see something a little different — from any team. About half of the grid is red and white nowadays!

  • honda’s previous livery was on of the more original on the starting grid. As far as all the red and white in the field….maybe they hope the marshall will mistakenly give them a victory..haha.

    Whith so many other colours to choose from, why has none of the teams used purple????????

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