Formula One Blogs

Formula One Blogs

It seems that 2006 is the year to start a Formula One weblog! First, yours truly gets an idea to do one, then Renault make the claim to be the first team to launch an online account of their season, and now Ferrari have got in on the act.

The are three blogs – Massa Blog, Ferrari Staff Blog and a site were fans can submit posts. This is an interesting idea, and I think it could prove popular. Renault’s blog has been very popular and the fans have really taken to them. Renault also occasionally respond to comments and questions. I can’t say that yet about Ferrari’s, but it has only been up for a few days.

The Ferrari Blog is predominantly in Italian, but there is an English translation under most of the posts. As of yet, there is no comment from Felipe about his Bahrain spin, but hopefully he will talk about this when he next posts.

Navigating the Ferrari site was a bit of a nightmare to begin with, but as far as I could understand, you had to sign up in order to view the blogs. There are two options when you sign up, and if you want to just view the sites, then don’t chose the Y&F option (I think it costs 25Euros). Pick the CF option and enter your details. It seems that the site forced me to accept the newsletters, but that can be changed I presume from within the site. Make sure it all looks correct as the error messages that pop up are in Italian and mean nothing to non-Italian speaking people. And the two check boxes beneath the newsletters are T&C’s I think, and again have to be checked. I’m fairly certain I didn’t sign my life away! If anybody has found a way to view the site in a more comprehensible language, let me know.

Which team or driver would you really like to see start a blog? Michael Schumacher? Montoya? Super Aguri? My money is on Red Bull to join the bandwagon next.

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  • The problem with the ‘Official Blogs’ is that they are mostly just PR talk. I’m not sure how much of an insight they can really offer, when a lot of the things we truly want to know are actually very hush-hush.

    Still, if I had the choice, I’d want to read about Honda. Although I think you’re right with the crowd-pleasers Red Bull.

  • Yes, a lot of it is PR babble, but at least it is a step in the right direction. I don’t think any team in any sport would be as open as us fans would like, but then they are running a business within a sport.

    Renault’s blog seems quite open and relaxed – I like their approach, even if the webmaster does sometimes weave his/her way around the question with a vague answer!

    “Honda”, come on, admit it. What you really wanted to say was Button 😉

  • I have always vehemently denied any sort of crush on JB. The t-shirt, the pictures, the blog entries, that’s all circumstantial evidence.

    Perhaps my interest in Honda is Barrichello… perhaps not.

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