Polling Booth Results On Kimi’s Future

Polling Booth Results On Kimi’s Future

In response to the question, “Where should Kimi Raikkonen go in 2007?” 38% of voters felt the Finn should stay at McLaren and partner Fernando Alonso. 27% thought Kimi should drive for Ferrari and 19% went with me and said Toyota. Joint fourth with 8% of votes each were Renault and BMW Sauber.

Personally, I think he’s heading in Ferrari’s direction. Jean Todt has been quoted as saying Ferrari know about driver movements for next year, which implies they know where Kimi is going, as he and Michael Schumacher currently hold the keys to the top spots. To me, that means Kimi is going to be a Ferrari driver in 2007, and he’ll either partner Michael Schumacher, Valentino Rossi, or if Rossi declines the offer, they’ll probably keep Massa for another year. Although after Massa’s spin this afternoon, I can’t see him staying for the rest of the year!


  • Wow , Kimi and Micheal together in ferrari, it’ll be a tough team to beat. But Massa is not bad either, why do you think he will not be there next year

  • I think Massa can be a good driver, but makes too many mistakes. I also think that Kimi will move to Ferrari in 2007 in the hope of a better car, and I cannot think of any other reason why the Scuderia would be testing Rossi so much if they didn’t want to give him a drive.

  • Andrew, would you hazard a guess as to where Michael will be in 2007? Personally, I agree with you and think MS will retire and take an advisory role at Ferrari, much like what Niki Lauda did for a while.

  • Even though Renault are taking their participation in F1 on a “season-by-season” basis? Surely Kimi would want something a little more concrete than that(?), particuarly as Patrick Faure (the head of Renault’s motorsport/F1 division) has taken early retirement recently.

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