FIA/AMD Formula One Survey: Results

FIA/AMD Formula One Survey: Results

Max Mosley - FIA ChiefClick here to be taken to the FIA website, where they have published the results of their survey which was conducted earlier this year.

Ferrari is currently the fans favourite team, hording 30% of votes. McLaren took 21% and Renault and Williams tied for third. Michael Schumacher was the fans favourtite driver on 28%, Kimi Raikkonen was second with 17% and Jenson Button managed 8% of the votes. 64% of voters registered a 10 year plus relationship with Formula One, while only 1% ststed this was the first year they had followed the sport. This doesn’t exactly bode well for the future of the sport, but it may be that new fans may not bother to complete a fairly lengthy survey based on less than a years knowledge and following of F1.

Amazingly, 38% of voters claimed they had or will attend a race this season, and 9% of which said they will attend 5 or more races. And the internet is the first port of call for fans after the TV coverage has stopped. Only one in ten people showed interest in mobile updates (and I wasn’t one of them!). In fact, the mobile suggestion floundered generally throughout the survery, with very little interest in watchnig races or highlights on their ‘phone. 58% of voters registered interest in wacthing F1 live on the ‘net though, which is encorouging.

Anyway, I could go on giving you some of the highlights, but instead, I think you should head on over to and flick through the results yourself. Let’s hope the FIA listen to us fans and work with us to improve the sport we all so dearly love.


  • I have followed michael schumacher since his first race debut in 1991 and i still maintain that he is the best driver,since he has left formula 1 i still watch it,but its not the same has every saturday and sunday i always looked forward to see the races and get all excited but now its empty but i do wish kim raikkonen and felipe massa good luck, i lve michael and to me he will always number 1 best driver in the world.fernando alonso will never or anyone beat michaels titles and records.

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