Google Earth Images

Google Earth Images

Google Earth Racing Tracks - EuropeAs some of you are probably aware, I’m currently attempting to list as many circuits as possible on the Circuits & Calendars page. This is quite a daunting task as I not only want to capture a decent image, but also include some information on the circuits. This information is sometimes quite hard to come by, especially if the circuit is old and no longer in use.

Anyway, I thought I add the Google Earth KMZ file of all the circuits I have found so far. Some of them were found with help from other spotters, and some were found through sheer looking. I have become quite adept at locating racing tracks from high up in the air! Anyway, the download link is here or you can visit the page yourself. When you have downloaded the file (currently approx. 26kb), just fire up Google Earth and open the file. A list will appear on the left with about 250 tracks. I will keep it updated but probably won’t mention anything more until the total reaches 500+ or when the pages are finally complete.

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