European Grand Prix Preview

European Grand Prix Preview

Who will win at the ‘Ring in this weekends European Grand Prix?

Michael Schumacher must be feeling quite jubilant after his victory in San Marino a fortnight ago, but the race performance of the Ferrari only confirmed that the Renault of Fernando Alonso is quicker.

Schumacher goes quite well on the German track, and buoyed by his home fans, he might be able to add win number 87 to his record.

But it won’t be easy for Michael and Ferrari as Fernando Alonso is on another Champioship winning charge at the helm of his French car.

His season so far is comparable to last years, and at the moment it shows no signs of relenting. It was suggested that Fernando sacrificed grid position in Imola in order to capitalise on fuel strategy for the main event, something that has been criticised by others as a little foolish. Maybe Renault will compromise this weekend and try and get Fernando a little on the grid, but the Spaniards excellent starts make him a threat regardless of his qualifying result.

Giancarlo Fisichella is doing better this year compared to 2005, and the Italian could through in a surprise performance if his Renault is to his liking. Fisi needs to start getting some proper results as Renault will be thinking about 2007 and the two seats they need to fill. McLaren have been working hard on the car, and if they want to keep

Kimi Raikkonen onboard, the Woking squad need to improve their form and give the almost champion something that can earn results. Kimi must be getting frustrated, particularly as team mate Montoya finished ahead of him at the last Grand Prix. But the Finn can win races and did well last year until the tyres and suspension failed. With little chance of that happening this year, maybe he can win on Mercedes’ home soil.

Juan Pablo Montoya is another driver who I feel is racing for his seat, if he wants it that is? Unfortunately for Juan, I feel he is thinking too hard about what he is doing next year and less on what he is doing now. The Colombian was pretty anonymous in Imola, and whilst he did bring the McLaren home in 3rd, his season so far has been quiet and placid. Quite unlike the usual spirit of the latin driver.

Outside bets? One of the Williams’ could through in a surprise run. They haven’t looked too great recently, but the early season form and talent that is within the team will surely shine through eventually. A Toyota maybe? They have shown signs of improvement, but I think they still have a mountain close to the size of Everest to climb.

Or maybe Frank Montagny (who is replacing Yuji Ide) will show the real pace of the Arrows Super Aguri.

Whilst I don’t think the car is anything better than a Midland, I also feel that the true pace of the machine has been masked behind the incapabilities of Sato and Ide.

Anybody want to make a prediction…?

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