Franck Montagny Replaces Yuji Ide

Franck Montagny Replaces Yuji Ide

Franck Montagny Replaces Yuji IdeFrench driver and former Renault tester Franck Montagny will replace Yuji Ide for the upcoming European Grand Prix this weekend. Super Aguri followed advice from the FIA to allow Ide some time away from the races to build up some mileage in the car. Ide was reprimanded at the last Grand Prix in San Marino for making contact with Albers’ Midland which result in the Dutch driver performing some somersaults through the gravel trap.

Team Principal Aguri Suzuki has said he regrets not allowing Ide more pre-season testing, but with the team being so hastily formed, Suzuki said it was difficult to fit in any tests for the Japanese rookie. Suzuki followed up his statement with a pledge to look after Yuji’s interests and to work with him on his path back to a race seat.

Let’s just hope the testing works, but I think Ide will have a tough time trying to convince the team to allow him to drive again. Montagny has completed many tests and worked well for Renault last year. With more experience on his side and having done a few Friday sessions, my money is on Super Aguri sticking with Frank for the rest of the season.

Was it Suzuki’s fault for not giving the rookie enough testing mileage? Or is Yuji Ide way out his depth? What is your view on the matter?


  • I think it’s a little from column A, a little from column B.

    Ide has had next to no testing, he doesn’t even have a proper seat – he’s had to make do initally with Frentzen’s old seat that came with the car, and then Montagny’s seat.

    On the other hand – he speaks very little English, which means he struggles with his engineers (the Honda guys have to help out at times), and even though he has plenty of experience pre-F1 he’s still struggling to learn the tracks.

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