Edouard Michelin: 1963 – 2006

Edouard Michelin: 1963 – 2006

Edouard Michelin – the Managing Director of the Michelin tyre company – has drowned in a boating accident in Brittany, France.

Michelin had been aboard a fishing boat – “Le Liberte” – that sank in still unexplained circumstances. Michelin’s fishing companion, Guillaume Normand, is still missing.

Edouard Michelin joined the tyre company (which was founded in 1889 by his great grandfather) in 1985, where he quickly climbed the ladder to CEO of Michelin North America. In mid 1999, he was announced as Managing Director at a shareholders meeting. Edouard was due to leave the company by the end of this year after saying he was distressed by the events surrounding the 2005 Formula One US Grand Prix.

Jacques Chirac’s Interior Minister and Presidential hopeful, Nicolas Sarkozy had these kind words to say about Edouard Michelin:

“He nurtured a passion for his company and knew how to share it. With his death, the French economy tragically loses one of its rising figures.”

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