Is Coulthard Toyota Bound?

Is Coulthard Toyota Bound?

Reports on some news sites are suggesting that the multiple racer-winner David Coulthard is being courted by Japanese-giant, Toyota. This comes just days after the Scot said he could win at Red Bull providing he is given enough time and resources to help build the team.

Would David fair well at Toyota? Would the lure of big bucks be enough to tempt the Red Bull golden boy? Could David win again at Toyota?

For sure, Toyota will eventually succeed in F1, but I think it will take a very long time, and Red Bull have done well with Coulthard. This season isn’t going as well as last, but improvements are happening (the Newey-effect will come into play soon) and I feel DC is very much at home with the Anglo-Austrian squad. They gave him the break from McLaren that he needed, but there is no hiding that David is one of the more mature drivers, and I think he should see out his career at Red Bull, helping build a great force for the future in Formula One.

That just leaves the question: Toyota obviously want to change their line-up, but who should replace either one or both of them?


  • not in a million, billion years. brundle probably fed F1 Racing mag that line just to scare rbr into re-signing dc (maybe even by monaco).

    ralf still has a contract for next year, so he’ll be staying put. maybe they could replace trulli with monty but would he want to race alongside ralf again, for less money…again? clearly they’d like ralf’s brother but he’s probably a no-no. they need experience so a rookie’s out of the question. it doesn’t leave them much to play with.

    here’s a long shot – how about webber? fast, cheap and a he has good few years experience, ideally he’d want to stay at williams but just maybe they could tempt him.

  • Good points, but I fear the political wrangling is going to keep Webber in either a Williams or a Renault. Briatore is Webbo’s manager, but the straight-talking Aussie has continually stated (just like DC), “I want to win [with my current] team”. Toyota are in a bit of a bind, aren’t they. For such a ‘big’ team, they are finding it hard to find a big name. As k says, Schumi’s out of the question, Montoya would probably say no (but it maybe his best option if Ron says ‘bye ‘bye). Fisichella maybe if Renault go all radical and replace both drivers?

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