Congratulations To Pedro & Maria

Congratulations To Pedro & Maria

Pedro De La Rosa and wife Maria have just become parents to their third child. Luna was born in Zurich with Pedro taking time off from his testing duties with McLaren to be with his wife and family. Luna is the De La Rosa’s third daughter, becoming sister to Georgina and Olivia.

De La Rosa took time off over the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend to be with his family, but the Spaniard is expected to return to the McLaren team for the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend.


  • Perhaps it was while Pedro was away with his family that the guys elected him as head of the GPDA…

    You know the sort of thing…no-one wants the job and all are staring at their hands when someone asks where Pedro is… Fernando doesn’t know as Pedro’s e mail has been cut off by Ron…but they all vote unanimously that Pedro is the right guy for the job….

  • Congratulations to Pedro and the family!

    That sounds very sneaky of the drivers if that is indeed how they came to choose their new chairman. Didn’t Pedro get to say whether he wanted to run or not first?

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