Caption Contest: #84 – It’s All Gone Pete Tong!

Caption Contest: #84 – It’s All Gone Pete Tong!

You may notice that BlogF1 appears a little different over the next couple of weeks. This post is just to warn you of a few changes and a few things that may not look exactly as they have done for the past year or so. Currently, I’m working hard behind the scenes on the site’s 2009 refresh. I won’t go into detail here as I want to save that for the day I eventually put the rejingle up, but suffice to say some of the background code has been altered in preparation for this and while the bells and whistles aren’t quite ready yet, some elements of BlogF1 will look odd.

You could say I’m testing some things live, so to speak, and I’m currently pulling my hair out because of weird conflicts with some of the code. This is the primary reason why I would like to quietly test a few bits out here rather than the development site – having ~1500 posts and many more comments to play with makes testing a lot easier, and being perfectly honest, I couldn’t be bothered to copy the database over to devBF1.

What this means is, as I myself have just discovered, the previous caption contest photo this week utilises the lightbox fanciness I used many years ago, but because the image is linked, it is underlined with the regular dotted line now found on other links …scratch that, it doesn’t anymore – conflicts with this version’s code. I could fiddle the old CSS to prevent this, but I would rather concentrate on finalising v6.5 than spend time on something that is already dilapidated (in my mind, anyway). So in advance, I offer my apologies. Although it should not effect the functionality of the site, nor will BlogF1 fall over (hopefully). The worse that will happen is that you might notice a few odd details that look different to what you are used to.

And no, do not panic, the make-over due is just a refresh; unlike the FIA I know when something isn’t necessarily broken. BlogF1 is not being redesigned, just refreshed. You’ll like it, I promise. It should be a bit faster as well, which will be a comfort to most, I’m sure.

And yes, you may consider this the missed Caption Contest from last week. At the time, I was snowed under with real-life work and the preparation for the Australian Grand Prix. So, erm, feel free to caption away…

Michael Schumacher


  • Oh thank the Lord the first comment was actually a caption. Thanks Mike. 🙂 I’ve just been chasing myself around editing two posts and the source code to rectify the error I made in doing what I was doing, live, publicly and without knowledge of what it would do to the site. I now feel like how Schumacher looks – forcing a smile! But at least I now have a caption that is genuinely funny and makes me laugh. 😆

  • Yeah, I’m gonna be spending a little bit of my evening copying the database over to devBF1. In the long run, it will be so much easier. 😀

  • I was very confused when I read this at first before I realised the strikethrough you used in the third paragraph doesn’t appear in my feed reader! Looking forward to seeing the new look…

    Anyway, onto the caption:

    “This is what three decades of wearing a crash helmet for a living does to your face…”

  • I was very confused when I read this at first before I realised the strikethrough you used in the third paragraph doesn’t appear in my feed reader! Looking forward to seeing the new look…

    The strike tags were hastily added after publishing. Check your reader in a little bit and it should update. I was editing on the fly after I realised I seriously bloke the site for a few moments.

    It got worse when I realised the time and shot over to Pitlane Fanatic for the Wednesday quiz. I launched myself into the chat box with a “Hi all, hope I’m not late” only to then realise I was the only one there. Because it is Tuesday today.

    All fun and games! I’m going to fridge for a beer and intend to forget about v6.5 this evening. 😀

  • Do you think I could’ve replaced Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight?

    WHY.. SO.. SERIOUS..?

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