Caption Contest: #75

Caption Contest: #75

The seventy-fifth photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. Going back to 2003, this is an image of Jaguar driver Justin Wilson. The British driver spent most of the season in a Minardi, but Ford soon snapped him up to replace Antonio Pizzonia for the last five races of the year. At 1.93m, Justin always had difficulty fitting in the petite cars, but did score a point in his short career F1 career. Since his F1 days, Wilson has found more success in America, racing in the Champ Car and IndyCar series. But perhaps more importantly, what is he doing to the lady sitting his car?

Justin Wilson - 2003 US grand Prix


  • He: points to the “thing-a-ma-bob” thinking that he actually can educate this bimbo on the finer points of an F1 steering wheel..”isn’t it all so very interesting” he thinks…

    She: couldn’t give a damn and knows that if she pretends to put up with this sad lecture she will garner a decent photo op and propel her career towards someone who actually gets paid for driving one of these.


  • Justin Wilson:”Do you know what this button is for..?I was always wondering what this button does..I asked my engineers too but none seems to know either..”

  • So here in the wind tunnel you can see during this high speed simulation that there really is absolutely no point of this stupid tiny 5cm tall windscreen. I mean your hair’s all over the place for pete’s sake!

  • Wilson: “If this is the supermodel button, where’s the money button so that Ford doesn’t pull the plug on Jaguar?”

    Supermodel: *wonders why the steering wheel isn’t green like the rest of the car*

  • …and if we got rid of those breasts as well as your brain we could really improve the power to weight ratio

  • Justin? What a really spellbinding concept then guessing it’s an ironic nickname!

    Now, on the steering wheel push the override button labelled pitbabe feisty alert.

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