Caption Contest: #74

Caption Contest: #74

The seventy-fourth photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. Taken at the launch of the new Ferrari F60, here we have Luca Badoer, Nicolas Todt, Marc Gene and Michael Schumacher having a chinwag by the motorhome. But what has tickled Schumacher and what has Todt Jr said to spread boredom across the faces of the test drivers?

Luca Badoer, Nicolas Todt, Marc Gene & Michael Schumacher

Photo © Ferrari Spa.


  • Todt Jr.: “Have you seen that beautiful Renault?”

    Schumacher: “Hehehehe”

    Gene & Badoer: “Yeah, Ferrari has spies in every team, we know it”


  • Or:

    Todt: “These Renault overalls are so funny!”

    Badoer: “You haven’t seen OUR new ones yet…”

    Schumacher: “I have… hehehehe”

  • If Luca was Kimi, and by the beanie he could be 😉 :

    Nicolas: Oh poor baby, even Masa beat you!
    Marc: He wants to cry-y! He wants his mom-my!
    Michael: Hehehe!

  • Todt: Mate, do you want to hear something really funny? I just went and told Adrian Newey how we made our car

    Schu: Hehehehe I’ll split the fine money with you then, I need another private jet

    Gene & Badoer: Oh no, not again

  • Todt: So what have you guys been doing for fun lately?

    Luca: Just a family vacation, around this testing stuff.

    Marc: Same pretty much…

    Michael: I just took the wraps off my multimillion-dollar internationa tower-building plan, and it was revealed I am one of the biggest donors to Bill Clinton’s global charity…

    Todt: Keeping busy Michael?

    Michael: Well, I haven’t really told anyone yet, but it is all part of my plan for World domination. I mean, with seven World Championships, gotta figure I should run the whole show, right?

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