Caption Contest: #54

Caption Contest: #54

The fifty-fourth photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. I’ve always found this photo funny simply because Flavio Briatore looks as cool as he can be, relaxed while leaning up against the building. Bernie Ecclestone though, while mimicking Briatore, just can’t pull it off as well.

Bernie Ecclestone & Flavio Briatore


  • As part of a secret study, these identical twins were conceived in a laboratory and seperated at birth. One twin was given all the good DNA, and the other was given the leftovers.

    Can you tell which one is which?

  • FB: “Follow my lead. Lean casually on shelf, hand on hip, and when they walk by, you say ‘Howa youa doing?’ Now you try.”

    BE: “Hand on hip, lean casually, ‘I say my dear, what a wonderful morning for reading the Financial Times together. Would you like to come back to my motorhome and have a right old giggle at stocks and shares?'”

    FB: *Shakes head*

  • FB: “Next time you want to impress me with how big and powerful you are, bring some wooden blocks to stand on”.

    BE: “But that would look cheap! Do you know anyone that would sell me a diamond-encrusted carved marble platform I could stand on instead?”

    By the way, I think the reason why Bernie can’t carry off the Flavio pose is because he’s trying too hard. If you look at Bernie’s left arm, it’s bent quite a lot more than Flavio’s. Also, the right arm is tensed in mid-air (as opposed to Flavio’s left arm, which is casually leaning on a shelf), an effect increased because one of the fingers on Flavio’s left arm is pointing at it. Not that Flavio will have noticed, because the key to carrying off the Flavio pose is to look relaxed and natural.

  • Absolutely off topic but could be a subtitle to a caption contest

    A funny and short talk on press today:


    VETTEL: Any kind really, German folk songs are my favourite. Anything really, a bit of everything.

    HEIDFELD: Yeah, similar to the others, a lot of different stuff, not a lot of classic stuff. No German folk music, more in the direction of R&B, hip-hop, not so much techno, more chill-out but various stuff.

    VETTEL: Why don’t you like folk songs?

    HEIDFELD: Why do you like it, that’s more difficult to answer, I think?

    VETTEL: I like the lyrics.

    HEIDFELD: I like the smile on the singers’ faces, just like yours.


    Yeah… GO, GO, Go Nick…ahahhahahahaha.. He really have a dry sense of humor!!!

  • I’ve heard that about Heidfeld as well. In front of the camera he seems a bit shy and awkward. But away from the media, he’s apparently a bit of a party animal, and has a very dry and subtle sense of humour. Funny lad, that one.

  • As part of a secret study, these identical twins were conceived in a laboratory and seperated at birth. One twin was given all the good DNA, and the other was given the leftovers.

    @Pink Peril: Ah, Ms Pink, I just got it. From the film Twins, with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Brilliant! I am so slow sometimes! 🙂

  • After standing there for six hours,Bernie and Fabio had come to the conclusion it was either Coulthard or Button who had slipped the superglue on there shirt sleeves at lunch.

  • Bernie-I now what you mean Flavio (sigh) ,what does 50 million get you these days.

    Flavio below he`s breath so Bernie cant hear him- Not a Canadian Grand Prix for a start.

    Bernie-I Heard that, Flavio you must embrace the future of F1, with its featureless, historyless, charactorless, fans cant afford it ness, designed by computer ness, in the middle of nowereness, my bank account is the biggest woffle woffle woffle………

    Flavio thinking to himself- Yeah wotever, Iam off to eat prawn sandwiches with Roman Abramvoich…..Bernie if you only knew we sell shirts costing 20p for £35.

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