Caption Contest: #37


  • The new Disney racing team confirm that their lead driver will be Goofy. Mickey is said to be “enthusiastic” about the choice.

  • Fis discovers a little to late that blowing bubbles with 42 pieces of bubble gum isn’t in his best interest.

  • Herman Tilke’s new tracks being designed in a Mickey Mouse fashion gave the new owners of Toro Rosso a head start through the opening rounds of 2010.

  • The Elephant man said after the test session finished, ‘i’m not an animal, i’m a human being!.’

    ‘The abuse from the crowd was a disgrace, and i don’t know how this small minority of “fans” were allowed into the circuit in the first place!’, team boss Flavio Briatore was quoted as saying.

    In future – the FIA have assured us – fans donning big ears and trunks and having the words ‘freak shows family’ written on their T-shirts will be dealt with a lot quicker and incidents like the disgusting ones we saw today will not happen ever again in F1.

    Well lets hope not.


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