Caption Contest: #38


  • “What? Karen’s Belgian, not French?! And I thought this outfit would impress her – glad I didn’t bother with the string of onions. I’m gonna regret eating all that garlic though aren’t I?”

  • “Do you sink zey will recognize me in this disguise? Maybe I can slip thru ze media frenzy! Zey love pinning me down for comments… I keep telling zem it eez not my fault!”

  • Coulthard was astonished to discover that his engineer thought rivals were crashing into him due to his penchant for wearing dodgy berets and doing silly dances down the pitlane.

  • I swear I’ll keep my head cool when cornering next time but how about the design of my new helmet ?

  • Listen: Can we exchange headsets? mine is leaking… give you my Red Bull scarf on top of that !

  • DC: “This fever is a nightmare; i have a raw throat, and doc informed me my temperature is topping his charts! I told Bernie we shouldn’t be racing so close to the winter months”

    Engineer: “Let’s not discuss ‘topping charts’ in any great detail, please”

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