BlogF1 2008: Two Breaks And Still Standing

BlogF1 2008: Two Breaks And Still Standing

BlogF1 has had an interesting year to say the least, and I thought it would be nice to recap some of the finest moments from the past eleven months or so in an end-of-season review. This will enable new readers to quickly see into the archives of what has been the busiest year on the site already, and will also allow me and other regulars to look back at some of the more interesting moments from 2008. So as the last 2008 review post, I present to you a BlogF1 2008 special.

The year started off with some difficulty – in fact, I wasn’t sure the blog would be able withstand the pressure I would be putting it under. On 24th December 2007, I slipped and broke my left wrist, which although meant I got out of cooking the Christmas dinner, it also meant that typing would be tricky at best. I was very concerned about the maintenance of the site and how an inevitable decrease in posts would affect the numbers of visitors and level of interaction.

My fears were quickly allayed though. Up until January 2008, the most I had ever written in one month for the site was 45 posts. The first month of this year though saw me churn out 57 – I won’t deny it, it wasn’t easy, but for some reason I felt there was reason to write, and I just got on with it.

Maybe writing so much was my rebellious nature coming through, determined to not let my injury get the better of myself or the site, or maybe it just distracted me from my discomfort? Who knows, but 57 didn’t remain the new record for too long. The season build-up went well and with a change of cast came some extra flexibility. In March the site saw 73 articles published which garnered a then-record level of responses.

The start of the season was wonderful and with my wrist healed and the physiotherapy process in full-swing, BlogF1 grew once again, just as it manages to each and every year. Comments were up, new readers were joining in all the time and the motor racing wasn’t bad either! I managed to get a new design up in April which garnered many wonderful comments of praise and constructive criticism, and generally speaking, everything was charging along nicely.

The second break of 2008 took the wind out my sails though, and it came at a point when the Formula One season was just getting it’s second dosage of momentum for the final half. Not feeling able or wanting to post left me disconsolate, and the site suffered as a direct result. Getting back on the blogging wagon is very difficult when you exclude yourself even for a week. Retuning my senses into reading humdrum press releases and looking for little nuances in the language, assessing how one issue affects another and just sitting down and typing all became a worry I didn’t want.

However, once again, my fears were allayed. The site did suffer from the lack of activity, but the most important of readers and commenters remained loyal. Slowly but surely I found my groove again and after missing most of the German Grand Prix (the results posts were later added for convenience reasons) and not really paying attention too much at the Hungarian Grand Prix, BlogF1 returned for Valencia. In hindsight, I should have moped around for an extra two weeks, but Valencia it was – you can’t rewrite history.

By September BlogF1 was back in full swing and the enjoyment factor had returned. The controversial races that the ninth month saw added many new visitors to the site, all wanting to voice their opinion and traffic, interaction and buzz had been restored. This remained through to the end of the year, when after the Brazilian Grand Prix, a nice bottle of Chianti was opened and the site toasted.

Since then nothing has stopped. You may have noticed that posts are still being published and I’m still trying some new things (although the Season Reviews proved unsuccessful to me). Behind the scenes, BlogF1 is having it’s make-up reapplied and some new ideas have been bouncing around my mind. With regards to the make-over, I will just say that 99% of what you see right now is remaining. The homepage is receiving a little restructuring work, but to be honest I think that is it. I’m also working out a way for you guys to vote on the Caption Contests, with the possibility of a prize for the winner, and a Daily Debate idea has been spiraling around for a while now, but that needs some fleshing out before I can discuss further.

So with lots happening before the build-up to Australia begins in February, I thought I would take one last look back through the 624 articles I have written this year (so far) and pick out the ones that I enjoyed the most. The ones I enjoyed writing, and the ones that I enjoyed the feedback from. This is my pick, and it is for you…

And just one last word from me before I wrap up this review of 2008…

…BlogF1 is nothing without each and every single one of you – your comments, emails and conversations. The site has grown and will hopefully continue to do so into the new year and new season.

Thank you.


  • Having only recently found the site I am hugely impressed with the content and look and feel of the site. it is professional yet personal and informative.

    As well as the up-to-date news stuff there are some well put together and insightful articles and roll on 2009!

  • I really like this summary. It shows what a consistently informative and entertaining blogger you’ve been throughout 2008. Here’s to some more excellent BlogF1 stuff next year and every year after that! 🙂

  • Shouldn’t the Japan 2009 Google Earth link refer to Suzuka not Fuji?

    Nice site, will have to check it out in depth during the off-season

  • Shouldn’t the Japan 2009 Google Earth link refer to Suzuka not Fuji?

    Yeah, most pages on BlogF1 need updating now the season has closed, but as there’s ~100 of them, it takes some time to get around to each of them.

  • Absolutely fantastic blogging. You see too many blogs just disappear into thin air or not updated regularly. Your blog is a real treat. Keep it up!

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