Will Alonso Go On The Attack?

Will Alonso Go On The Attack?

Fernando Alonso - 2007 European Grand PrixWith the constructors battle now over for McLaren, what will happen to the campaigns being fought by the Woking teams drivers; Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton? The pair have successfully made the headlines on several occasions this year because of their fraught relationship, but they have managed to respect each other during the races. The impression one can gleam from this is of course the race for constructors crown. They cannot take each other out because their employer – McLaren – would lose out. But now, there is no constructors campaign for McLaren…

In 2005, after Fernando Alonso had effectively won the drivers title in China, he launched an impressive attack on his fellow competitors by performing at the highest of his abilities during the remaining races. With nothing to lose, the Spaniard made many incredible overtaking maneuvers on some of the sport’s most experienced drivers. It was almost as though Alonso wanted to prove something. And whatever it was, he certainly impressed.

Now McLaren cannot win the constructors title, will Fernando unleash his skill on rookie team mate Lewis Hamilton and go all-out for the drivers crown? I hope so, because that would generate some superb racing. However, although Alonso appears to be a gentlemanly racer (Hungary aside), will his ambition of making it three on the trot get the better of him? Will Alonso stoop as low as taking Hamilton out?

The two drivers are only three points apart in the tables, Hamilton currently the better of Alonso on 92. With four races to go the championship is wide open, especially when you consider that Ferrari are not too far behind with Kimi Raikkonen on 74 points and Felipe Massa on 69. The title is for the taking, but it can also be so easily lost.

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  • I think that if Alonso is ahead of Hamilton in the Championship going into the last race then we couold see some actions Schumacher would be proud of!

    He has to get ahead first though, and I think we are all going to enjoy watching him try his best to do that – Hamilton has struggled a little lately and Alonso has been reeling him in slowly but surely.

    It’s interesting that you asked this question of Alonso – surely as Hamilton is ahead on points he has more to gain by taking out Alonso at the present time than the other way around?

    Or is he too nice a guy to do that? 😉

  • I agree with Craig. If they are side-by-side on the next race, Hamilton will tray to either block or pass at any price Alonso. Wait and you will see.

    Don’t forget that it was Hamilton who didn’t follow team’s rules in Hungary going ahead of Alonso, who had the option of one additional lap in the last classification round.

  • Alonso is a world champion. I think with Hamilton coming along the natural tendancy for the press (and people in general) were to root for the underdog. I’ve been one of the minority who side with Alonso on many things and I find Hamilton sometimes a bit too brash – heck he’s only young, so its fair enough I suppose. I’d love for Hamilton to win the championship in a way, however I’m not sure if this will cheapen the sport a little. Ultimately it has got me back and watching F1 regularly this year for the first time in a long time

  • I don’t think that alonso will go as far as taking Hamilton out…however, I’m sure we’ll see him using all the tricks of trade that come with experience…

    We’ve already seen what has happened to Hamilton when Alonso’s setup data has not been shared with Hamilton…so it’ll take an extraordinary effort from the young racer toovercome his “rookieness”

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