What If Williams Beat Toyota, and Aguri Beat Honda?

What If Williams Beat Toyota, and Aguri Beat Honda?

Anthony Davidson Heads Into His Debut Season With Super AguriIt’s not inconceivable for the above situation to occur, especially given the winter testing times of each respective team. Toyota have been miserable for most of the off-season, and the reasons are understandable as once again, they appear to be entering another year of mis-fortune and uncompetitiveness. On the other side of the coin, Toyota-powered Williams have enjoyed a more buoyant winter, which saw Nico Rosberg and Alex Wurz ride high in the timing sheets on more than one occasion. In fact, in BlogF1’s 2007 season previews, Williams are predicted to finish higher in the constructors than Toyota – a team with a considerably larger budget.

So what about Super Aguri? They will be the last team to launch their 2007 challenger, due to take place at the Albert Park circuit on Wednesday. It has been suggested that the new 2007 chassis closely resembles Honda’s 2006 car, and this is something that other team owners are up in arms about. Frank Williams has said he may launch legal battles against both Aguri and Toro Rosso (who are suggested to have done something similar). But legal issues aside, Aguri ran well in the early part of winter testing with their interim car. And to be perfectly honest, Honda haven’t looked amazingly quick. I’m sure they will perform moderately well, and the passion that bubbles in that team is immense, especially following the maiden win last year. However, time and time again the car just hasn’t been all that quick, and if they are not careful, Super Aguri could overtake them.

Last season saw the Aguri’s hog the back row and the only on-track battles they had were with the Midland/Spyker team. However, with Honda on board and a season’s experience firmly tucked under their belts, Aguri should be able to rise off the back rows and start to battle the mid-field. Well, in theory anyway. So is it possible that former F1 driver Aguri Suzuki could pitch his team further than the parent squad? It is unlikely, but it isn’t as far fetched as some would believe.

As for the Toyota duo, I firmly believe Williams will trounce the Toyota’s this year. They won’t win anything, not for another year or two, but Williams are on the rise again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Toyota Motor Company ditched their ‘One Aim’ F1 dream and bought Williams of Frank and Patrick’s hands in the not too distant future.

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