Welcome to BlogF1

Welcome to BlogF1

Well, I was going to wait a while before starting to publicise this blog, but I got excited and couldn’t resist! BlogF1 is here!

First things to say:

– This site is dedicated to my passion – Formula One – and I will discuss all things F1. The season is due to begin in a few weeks, so there will be no shortage of posts. Please subscribe to the feeds if you want or return regularly as there will always be something new to read.

– As you can see, there are already a few posts below. These were taken from my personal site and used mainly as testers when I was fiddling around with code. However, they are relevant and again everybody is welcome to comment.

– I am working on some new pages, like Rules & Regulations, and I intend to get these up before March 10th – please bear with me.

– I will develop a more friendly theme next week, and allow users to choose via a plugin that sets a cookie. The theme will be based on black text on white background as I appreciate not everybody likes white on black.

– Everybody is welcome to comment, but spam comments are not tolerated, and this site utilises various plugins to filter such occurences – so you have been warned. I like comments to be on topic and non-offensive. Whilst everybody has a right to voice their opinion, nobody has the right to upset others with language and hate.

And lastly, have fun and enjoy BlogF1. If something isn’t working, let me know via the contact form and I will do my best to rectify it ASAP.



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