Vote: Who will win the first race of 2007

Vote: Who will win the first race of 2007

I have upgraded the voting feature on the left, and changed the question: Who will win the Australian Grand Prix next March? Am I thinking too far into the future? Possibly, but I found the progression of votes on the ‘Who will win the 2006 Drivers Title?’ question interesting. At the start of the season, it was pretty much even-stevens between Alonso and Schumacher, despite the Ferrari’s initial lack of pace. But then it waned in Alonso’s favour before returning to the German. Alonso eventually won the vote (and the title), but only by three votes.

I’ve set the cookie to last up until January 1st 2007. So you may vote again after that when testing times will start to become clearer. And don’t cheat – IP’s are logged! So get voting away.


  • Could i say it could be Button or Barichello as you don’t have them on the poll, and i think Honda have the potential to step up next season.

  • […] As the poll votes near the 100 mark, I thought I would take a look at the results thus far and see what peoples expectations are for the upcoming 2007 Australian Grand Prix. All the teams (except Spyker) were out in force in late November and early December, testing various parts and acclimatising themselves to Bridgestone rubber. Many teams also took this opportunity to try new drivers and give their new racers some valuable experience. Toro Rosso let ChampCar champion Sebaastian Bourdais have a spin in their motor, and BMW modified one of their cars to allow Alex Zanardi to drive around the Jerez circuit. Mika Hakkinen made a brief comeback at the wheel of a McLaren, but what about the drivers who will be competing come March 18th? […]

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