The Rumour Is Fernando Alonso Has Signed A BMW Contract

The Rumour Is Fernando Alonso Has Signed A BMW Contract

So after a long day in front of the TV and the computer monitor, you would have thought that the issues surrounding the Belgian Grand Prix would have been enough for anyone. But late this evening, a new rumour is beginning to circulate, and this one centres around the hotly debated subject of Fernando Alonso’s future. It has been known for a while that Alonso is looking for a Ferrari drive, but failing that, where else could Fernando go? McLaren? No way. BMW, possibly…

Now it is a rumour, nothing more, nothing less. But BMW are surely the next best option for Alonso. The team’s methodical approach to developing their team has won praise from all quarters and I for one have been impressed with the squad since they purchased Peter Sauber’s old team. Robert Kubica has won a race for them this season and despite the current slump in performance, one has to say that they are still a force to reckoned with in the future. And the future is exactly what Alonso is looking at. No question.

But can this play into Alonso’s dream of racing for Ferrari? Of course, Ferrari would be the proverbial Mecca for Fernando, they are after all the current leaders of the constructors title and are challenging McLaren on the drivers front as well. They have everything in place to win the championships and should Kimi Raikkonen decided that he’s had enough, Ferrari would want Alonso in the seat. There is, I believe, little question about that.

However, recently Luca di Montezemolo has reaffirmed his faith in both of his drivers – Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa – and stated the fact that Kimi has a contract for 2009. And this leaves Alonso in a bit of a quandary. The Spaniard returned to Renault in 2008 because his relationship with McLaren failed. But Briatore’s team have suffered recently and judging by the double world champion’s results, he can do little better than bag a few points here and there.

BMW, on the other hand, can net some podiums, have won a race, and look to have a very bright future ahead of them. The rumour goes that Alonso has signed a three-year deal with the Swiss-German team, and this would be wise for Fernando’s future. Of course, presuming Ferrari are tied up with their current line-up. It is though, just a rumour. This weekend Alonso stated that while he was going to make an announcement at Monza regarding is future, this decision would be delayed if he felt it necessary. Perhaps, just perhaps, the canny Spaniard is ironing out a few kinks in the BMW contract…


  • After so much controversey over the Hamilton/Kimi incident (Lewis got robbed by the FIA, no doubt in my mind) it is great to see some other news not revolving around either of the teams or drivers involved in today’s mess of a decision.

    I believe this rumour could be right on the money, and let’s not forget one important factor in the BMW/Alonso situation- Fernando is known to be very good friends with Robert Kubica, they even play cards with Bernie and his people during down time on race weekends. Now we all know friendships can be tested in competitive situations, but perhaps Robert has persuaded his Spanish friend to join him in the blue and white next season.

    For BMW, brining someone such as Alonso onboard would be a huge boost- they would gain several million more fans just by having Fernando driving one of their cars, and perhaps pick up a few more sponsors as well. If BMW deliver a top car for 2009 and get both Alonso and Kubica on the grid, more than a few people in Marnello and Woking will be losing some sleep in the months ahead.

  • After so much controversey over the Hamilton/Kimi incident […] it is great to see some other news

    Thanks Gman. I kinda had to post something just to get the whole day out my head before I went to sleep. So I posted a rumour that was brought to my attention over in the Sidepodcast comments.

    I think BMW would be a very wise move for Alonso as well, but I’m not holding my breath. Not yet anyway.

  • I can’t see this move working and I can’t see why Alonso would choose BMW if he has any option with Ferrari. It must be obvious to him that politically he would be in an advantageous position at Ferrari. Last year he saw what the FIA did to McLaren when they threatened Ferrari. Before that with the mass damper he saw the effect on Renault when they threatened Ferrari. Why would he then choose to go to another team that looks like it could be in a position to threaten Ferrari when he could go to Ferrari and benefit from all the dodgy decisions?

  • I can’t see why Alonso would choose BMW if he has any option with Ferrari.

    Change the names of the teams involved, and think about what was going through Michael Schumacher’s head in 1995…

    …That all worked out good in the end, for him, I mean.

    I do see your point, and drivers always want the best car at the best time. But the clever ones also know that’ll almost never happen. And glory gained from doing it in a car that isn’t the best – something Alonso knows about – is even greater.

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