The Off-Season At BlogF1

The Off-Season At BlogF1

Mark Webber - 2007 Monaco Grand PrixI don’t really do wrap-up posts or season reviews, partly due to the fact that other bloggers do them better and partly due to the diary of the season being laid out in the previous posts from each of the races. So I decided now would be a good time to talk about the off-season and what this time of year means to BlogF1. The photo of Mark Webber there is meant to depict relaxation by the way. It was the best I could find, honest!

Before I begin, let me take a couple of moments to thank all you guys for contributing to this site over the past season. It wasn’t an easy one to follow and fans are still divided the world over. But your comments, emails and linked-to-articles have all been wonderful to read and have helped the success of BlogF1. I would like thank you all. Ta. πŸ™‚

Now, on with off-season…

Come November the site will revert back to its normal colour scheme. I know a few of you are suffering retina-burn at the moment, but it is in a good cause. Hopefully by the time the 2008 campaign comes around the site will have received a few subtle updates as well. Don’t worry, it won’t be anything major but hopefully the tweaks will improve the site. By next March I also hope to have the Circuits pages back up and running. Perhaps some of the eagle-eyed had already noticed the links at the top are missing – they were taken down a couple of weeks ago because those pages just became unmanageable. They will return though, bigger and better, by next year.

In terms of posting, the off-season is actually something I enjoyed a lot last year. I found that I could post with less pressure, and as a result I think the quality improved. I was able to post in my own time and more importantly, I could talk about what I wanted to talk about. You can expect to see a lot of this in the coming months. I would like to get another “Ghost Circuits” post up by the end of the month, but as I haven’t started it yet, it may get pushed back a week or two. I also intend to bring back some of the older posts I have written, with added twists or with new light shed onto them, as well as covering some topics I haven’t had chance yet.

Posting may lose its regular rhythm and slow a little, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t much to talk about. We are still to learn what Fernando Alonso intends to do for next year, along with McLaren and Renault. Toyota are yet to announce their driver line up as are Spyker and Williams. We also need confirmation on Prodrive and there will undoubtedly be some testing to cover in December.

So, just because there is little action to report on, the winter time will be relatively busy, albeit at a relaxed pace (is that possible?). And you never know, I may even bring back the interviews…


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