“The essence of the sport has been diluted.”

“The essence of the sport has been diluted.”

Damon Hill, 1996 F1 World Champion speaking in a recent interview.

I’m not going to plagiarise ITV-F1.com or F1 Racing magazine, but the source story is on ITV’s website, and F1 Racing hits the news-stands later this month. Generally speaking, Damon has given his views on Formula One to the aforementioned publication, and he appears not to mince his words, saying how he feels that the sport has become too corporate and sanitised.

Whilst I won’t rip too much from the source, I do feel the need to include this fantastic quote which I completely agree with, again from the mouth of Damon Hill:

What I am saying is that for a long time I aspired to Formula One, but now I see it as an intriguing business but a frustrating sport.

It sounds like a really interesting F1-related interview, which I haven’t seen or read in a long time. It is also nice to hear Damon coming out of the woodwork again. He was such a charmer back in the day, but always had his opinion and wasn’t afraid to voice it.

And he desparately needs a haircut…

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