Suzuka And Fuji To Share Japanese Grand Prix

Suzuka And Fuji To Share Japanese Grand Prix

After losing out on a chance to continue its hosting of the Japanese Grand Prix this year, the famous Honda-owned Suzuka circuit will be reinstated from 2009 onwards. In a similar deal to the German Grand Prix, the event will be shared between two circuits: Suzuka and current host Fuji. The current calendar has Fuji down, and the track will host its first Formula One event in 30 years.

This is good news for F1 fans, as the Suzuka circuit is one of the favourites due to its combination of difficult and fast corners. It is the only circuit that modern-day Formula One drivers tackle that is in a figure-8 layout, and of course the famous 130R left turn is considered to be one of the sport’s finest corners.

We have concluded an agreement on the alternation of the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix between Fuji Speedway and Suzuka circuit, to ensure the progress and success of keeping Formula One in Japan over the long term. It also makes me very pleased that we will retain Suzuka as it has supported Formula One for 20 years. Bernie Ecclestone.

We will see how Fuji compares early in October when the circus descends on the speedway. The track has been heavily modified, but skeptics (myself admittedly) are not entirely certain it will produce the same spectacle as Suzuka.

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