Super Aguri Hopes To Retain Sato & Davidson

Super Aguri Hopes To Retain Sato & Davidson

Super Aguri - 2007 Chinese Grand PrixJapanese team and little brother to the mighty Honda, Super Aguri, have announced that they intend to retain both drivers from 2007, namely Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson. The retaining of Sato is pretty much a given as the team was essentially built around the little guy as a way of keeping a Japanese driver in Formula One. And Anthony Davidson showed some strong flourishes last year, although not quite matching the point-scoring success of his team mate.

The team are still negotiating contract extensions with the pair, but continuity is likely to happen as Aguri enter their third season of racing. Legal issues surrounding the chassis pending, of course. The official entry list includes Super Aguri and both Davidson and Sato, the team saying that they opted to list them instead of having the default “To be confirmed” line added.

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