Spyker Lodge Protest Against Toro Rosso

Spyker Lodge Protest Against Toro Rosso

Christijan Albers - 2007 Australian Grand PrixDutch team Spyker have offically lodged a complaint to the stewards in Malaysia against Toro Rosso, claiming the car is little more than a Red Bull with a pretty picture on the side. And even that is debatable. This news comes as little surprise as Spyker’s protest against Super Aguri in Australia (for much the same reason) was thrown out with the stewards saying it wasn’t up to them to decide on something that was relating to the Concorde Agreement. However, team boss Colin Kolles has made his concern clear, and the stewards are expected to make some kind of ruling on Friday.

According to many news sources, Spyker have submitted new evidence to back up their claim, although quite what this is remains unclear. The protest against Super Aguri has gone to arbitration at the International Chamber Of Commerce in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it could be a fair while before the result of this is known. However, as Kolles followed procedures better in Sepang, an answer to the Toro Rosso issue is expected before Free Practice begins tomorrow.

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