Singapore Look To Slightly Alter Circuit Layout

Singapore Look To Slightly Alter Circuit Layout

Even though the inaugural 2008 Singapore Grand Prix was hailed as a tremendous success, event organisers are looking at ways they can improve the spectacle for fans and drivers in time for the 2009 return. The Marina Bay circuit hosted Formula One’s very first night race and the general consensus was that the grand prix went very well. However, still seeking perfection, track designers are speaking with the teams to see how it could be even better.

The most notable thing that could be improved were the excessive bumps. Normally it is quite hard to tell when a car hits a bump on a track because the pace at which the car is travelling and the fact that the downforce pushes the car straight back down onto the road means the cars appear to be moving very smoothly. However, when viewing the Singapore race last year, the bumps were very noticeable. The cars were bobbing along and when they reached turn ten, the kerbs often lifted all four wheels off the ground.

We want to reduce the bumps and smooth out the circuit, so that will be an improvement next year to make the race even better than it was in 2008. Colin Syn, Event Chairman.

Another area Syn is looking at is the first sequence of corners in the hope that more overtaking can be encouraged by re-profiling the turns.

We are modifying turns one, two and three because we want drivers to have more opportunities to overtake this year. Colin Syn, Event Chairman.

I’m not sure if Valencia are intending to make any modifications ahead of their second race in 2009, but comparing the two street circuits that debuted in 2008, I’d say Valencia needs more work than Singapore.


  • I’d say leave the Singapore circuit alone. Sure the layout and track surface could be refined, but I have a feeling that any “improvements” will simply make the circuit easier to drive on and thus, less competitive.

    Because the new circuit was a little rough around the edges, it made the drivers concentrate even more than normal, it made the really good drivers shine through and made it an awesome spectacle to watch.

    In short, I’ll miss the sparks if they smooth the track, something we only get to see in the dark.

  • I don’t think the circuit in the configuration it ran last year should have been given a safety certificate. The pit entry was ridiculously dangerous and the pit exit fed into a chicane. They may be changing the pit exit but they are doing nothing about the pit entry. Remember the Trulli incident? The circuit was supposed to run in the opposite direction but at the last minute they changed their minds. The direction of the track was changed with no thought about the safety implications.

    Last year people bought into the idea that Singapore was a great race and track. It wasn’t. It was at night so everything was sparkly. In reality the circuit is no different to Valencia apart from the setting.

    I guarantee at the end of 2009 when people name their disappointment of the year the vast majority will say Singapore because of the distorted view so many people have of the first race there.

  • Guys I’m just happy the night race is coming back.

    It is such a cracker and really makes you appreciate how fit the drivers

    are by the schedule they are forced to keep

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