Silverstone 2008 vs. Donington Park 2008

Silverstone 2008 vs. Donington Park 2008

As some of you may be aware by now, Silverstone has lost the British Grand Prix from 2010 onwards. A deal was struck between the new Donington Park owners and Bernie Ecclestone and with a promise of £100m investment in the Leicestershire circuit, Bernie gave them the gig. Silverstone has an impressive history with Formula One; they hosted the very first round of the modern day Formula One championship. Their last race in 2009 (for now) will also be their 43rd, but one-time European Grand Prix hosts have won and will host the race between 2010 and 2019.


Silverstone Circuit

Silverstone have submitted plans to radically redevelop the circuit, but given they have now lost the British Grand Prix contract, it is unlikely that these plans will go ahead before the final 2009 race. Therefore, it is likely that the layout will remain the same for next year.

Donington Park

Donington Park Circuit

Whereas Donington may have just about enough time to make some changes (if the rumours of planning permission already gained are to be believed). To be honest, less than 24 months isn’t really enough but, the grand prix circuit could, in a pinch, change. Without any details though, the above Google Earth image and BlogF1-style overlay is the current configuration.

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